Jan 07

Hot For Teacher: Kinsley Wentzky, South Carolina Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student


I think all red-blooded American men think the same thing whenever a story like this pops up.  “Man, why weren’t there teachers like her when I was in school?”  Right.  But even if there were, you probably wouldn’t have been the student she chose.


Kinsley Wentzky (not bad, looks like Naomi Watts), 37, was charged with sexual battery after investigators in the City of Columbia discovered that she had allegedly brought a male student home with her and had sex with him on several occasions.

I mean, sure, this Kinsley Wentzky woman is no Debra Lafave, Florida teacher arrested for having sex with 14-year-old student in ’04…


…but then who is, right?

The unidentified student, 17, gave a sworn statement to police detailing the relationship, although few of the details have been released (darn).  Hey, I bet that kid is pretty sad to see the party end, huh?

I know this is wrong, and it is statutory rape and all, but I think gender roles in our society need to be considered a bit more when prosecuting these women.  What they did is absolutely NOT the same thing as a male teacher having sex with an underage female student.  It’s just NOT!  I’m not saying it’s right or even forgivable what these women did, but it’s not nearly as bad a man fucking a little girl.

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